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Ha Ha Yecchhhh Ha Ha

“Despite the possibility of mixed feelings of disgust and amusement hardly anything is known about the relationship between these emotions.” Prompting researchers from Western Illinois University and the University of Toronto to investigate  – and in so doing constructing what maybe the only formal psychology study to have centred around the work of transgressive cult […]

Screw-in coffin

Nowadays, space in cemeteries is at a premium. Therefore, if a method could be found to pack more of the deceased into a given area – money could be saved. The problem may have been resolved with the invention of the ‘Easy Inter Burial Container‘ recently patented by Californian  inventor Donald Scruggs. The patent can […]

Making up the tips

Does wearing makeup increase waitress’ tips? Researchers at the Université de Bretagne Sud, and the Université du Maine, France, recently performed a field experiment (with two waitresses) to find out. Two hundred and seventy-four restaurant customers (186 males and 98 females) were randomly assigned into two groups. One group was attended by waitresses who were […]

Don’t mess with Bond

What are the survival prospects for female characters in the James Bond movies? A new research project from Cleveland State University and Kent State University performed a quantitative content analysis for 195 female characters in 20 out of the 22 Bond films – uncovering in the process some clearcut predictors of their survivability. “End-of-film mortality […]

Nocturnal undergarments in ancient Rome – a follow up.

Extending and complimenting recent investigations into nocturnal Roman underwear comes another research article which touches, albeit briefly, on the same subject. In 2003, professor Kelly Olson at the Department of Classical Studies, University of Western Ontario, published ‘Roman Underwear Revisited’ (Classical World 96.2) And, according to professor Olson, another reading of the very same body […]