Posts by Martin Gardiner:

Thesis: The swear words in a movie

“Communication has an important role in the society. Without communication, people cannot understand each other” And one very specific type of communication – the swearword – has been selected for special attention at The Petra Christian University, Surabaya, Indonesia – which is in the process of compiling one of the most comprehensive databases regarding swearing […]

Eyebrows – the dangers

There are several possible causes of keratitis – and a new one has recently been identified and described in the literature – with the publication of  ‘Long Eyebrow Hair as a Possible Cause of Chronic Keratitis of Obscure Etiology’ in the specialist journal Cornea. Dr. John Daugirdas (MD, author and inventor of the Nephronaut treadmill […]

Tattoo disruption avoidance

If the owner of a tattoo needs surgery, what are the options for avoiding its disruption? A recent research paper from James Cook University Hospital, Wansbeck General Hospital and North Tees Hospital in the UK explains how strategic siting of laparoscopic surgery incisions may be employed to avoid disrupting tattoos – which (at least in […]

“Sunny Finance”

In these days of gloomy economic outlooks comes a conceptual optimistic antidote in the form of  ‘Sunny Finance’. “It can improve people’s trust in government, what is necessary to construct the harmonious society.” say researchers Xiaohui Xu and Guangyu Wang from Shenyang University, China – the authors of a recent research paper on the subject. […]

Cursors for researchers

Really Magazine has recently made available a specialised set of Windows™ mouse-cursors aimed at researchers. Including Laser, Test-tube, Geological hammer, Rat and more. They are available (either individually or as sets) as a free download. More specialised categories include cursors for philosophical minimalists, and another for left-handed entomologists. Download here