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Professorial Product Placement

“Viewing the latest Lady Gaga video, with its ten product placements, I’m inspired by the thought: Why don’t professors do product placements, too?” wonders Eric Schwitzgebel, Professor of Philosophy at University of California at Riverside. There are, according to the professor, many potentially lucrative and as-yet-untapped opportunities – for example to promote products such as […]

I am not a molecule (part 2)

Part 2 – Perhaps you’re not a giant molecule? Libb Thims,“Your human chemistry professor” and founder/organizer of the Institute of Human Thermodynamics (IoHTD) continues his investigations into the troublesome question ‘Are you a giant molecule?’. Although, according to his survey, “About 57% of people agree that humans are molecules.” there is still a fierce ongoing […]

Validating Pitcher Injury Theory

A new discovery regarding injuries to baseball pitchers’ elbows can be described, in round terms, as – the faster the pitch, the more likely the injury. Brandon (Brad) Bushnell M.D. (pictured) and colleagues at the Harbin Clinic Orthop(a)edics and Sports Medicine, Rome, GA. explain the background: “To our knowledge, no study has directly evaluated the […]

Assessing cabbage snaps

“…participants could quantitatively estimate the degradation in freshness of the cabbage simply by looking at the presented images.” The images in question were a 32hr. time-lapse set of photos of a cabbage leaf. And the question in question was whether experimental participants would be able to accurately judge the appetizingly fresh appearance of the leaves […]