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Prices of Eight

How much is 8 worth? Quite a few thousand Yuan, according to new research into Chinese vehicle licence plates. Travis Ka Ho Ng, assistant Professor Department of Economics at the Chinese University of Hong Kong has completed his latest academic project looking into ‘The Value of Superstitions’. And the results of his investigations – performed […]

Towards an ‘Unhappening Engine’

Can judicious Dirac-tickling of the local vacuum cause something to ‘unhappen’?  There may be possibilities, according to the latest ‘Technical Summary’ published by the Association of Distinguished American Scientists (ADAS) which outlines the concept of an ‘Unhappening Engine’. As T. E. Bearden, President and Director of Research for ADAS explains, such an engine would centre […]

Polite Robotic Posturing

Should robots behave politely? Because, to some, it’s a given that in the not-too-distant future large numbers of people will be interacting with robots (domestic, public, corporate and perhaps even law-enforcement/military) on a frequent basis. Professor Tatsuya Nomura at the Department of Media Informatics of Ryukoku University, along with colleagues at the ATR Intelligent Robotics […]

The Improbable Scraper Experiment

We are doing an experiment. Scraper websites generate their content by semi-automatically cloning items from other sites and presenting it as their own. Normally a fairly straightforward copying process, it sometimes generates perplexing artefacts. As an example, see the Solar System Blog [NOTE: it loads slowly and painfully] — a site registered in the Cocos […]

Celeb Recognition – automatically

Can software automatically recognise celebrities? Hewlett-Packard (motto: Let’s do Amazing) believes so, and has recently published a paper on the feasibility of ‘Wikipedia-based Online Celebrity Recognition’. Researchers Demiao Lin, Jianming Jin, Yuhong Xiong, from HP Labs China have been investigating so-called Smart-Browsing on the www, and point out that : “Obviously, recognizing celebrity names is […]

Anti Gravity Developments

“The use of the new gravity-modifying device will cause radical paradigm changes in many areas of human activities.” Explains this document by Boris Volfson, designer of the Space Vehicle Propelled by the Pressure of Inflationary Vacuum State. It outlines how UK-based Gravity Machines PLC (formerly Gravity Machines Ltd) has acquired the patent licensing rights to […]

Sex and Religion – a re-examination

“…the recent rise of fundamentalist and new age religious movements calls for a reexamination of the current link between religion and sexual behavior.” says a recent research article which may be the first academic study to have cross-tabulated Spiritualists, Agnostics, Atheists, Jews, Monotheist Christians, Fundamentalists (and those who declare no religion) – with their preferences […]