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Eva Wentink’s Self-Monitoring Toilet Musings

Eva Wentink from OnePlanet (an institute created in a partnership of Wageningen University and Research, Radboud University Nijmegen and IMEC) muses, low-key charismatically, about the need and feasibility of a self-monitoring toilet. She explains how and why she and her colleagues built three toilets: (Thanks to Michiel Scheffer for bringing this to our attention.)

You Might Say Too Many Names for Too Many Numbers

“One problem with using nomenclature that gives credit to specific people is that you either create a winner-take-all situation or you create an ungainly string of names separated by hyphens. Also, if some hitherto unknown forerunner suddenly pops up, you suddenly have to change the name to acknowledge the newly discovered ‘winner’ “. So writes […]

Klunk: Imperfect Synchrony in Animal Displays—Leadership?

Klunk and colleagues have, perhaps, taken the lead in assessing imperfect synchrony in animal displays. There is much to ponder in their new study: “Imperfect Synchrony in Animal Displays: Why Does It Occur and What Is the True Role of Leadership?” Daniela M. Perez, Cristian L. Klunk, and Sabrina B.L. Araujo, Philosophical Transactions of the […]