About Sid Rodrigues

Sid Rodrigues is the London-based organiser for the Ig Nobel Awards. He is the Time Out London Award-winning organiser of Skeptics in the Pub and a consultant/organiser for science outreach - and other colourful - events in London (and beyond) for the last five years. He's also part of the award-nominated podcast production team for Neil Denny's "Little Atoms" radio show on London's Resonance FM, and a contributor to the transatlantic Yuletide best-seller The Atheist's Guide to Christmas - which is still garnering international affection, hate-mail and internet trolls in differing proportions.

Sid has worked in applied research in the life-sciences and forensics for one of Europe's largest independent science providers for the last seven years. He's spent some of his previous life as a magician, musician, bar-tender and a collector of obscure novelty hits, but now spends time helping out the odd charity, researching obscure facts and other weirdness. He hopes that, someday, he'll be able to finish his undergraduate degree and call himself a "real scientist"... one day.