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About Martin Gardiner

Martin Gardiner (partial view)

Martin Gardiner is Rio de Janeiro Desk Chief for the Annals of Improbable Research.

Education: Winchester and the University of East London, majored in psychology & early 70's dropout culture. Having been gainfully employed in the following capacities: 3-D modelmaker/artist/designer; barman; carpet cleaner; cartoonist (the Guardian); college lecturer; grain-dryer operative; microbial technician; photographer; professional digital-audio consultant; recording studio architect robotic light-fitting designer sound engineer TV advertising jingle composer video-art-maker waiter — and un-gainfully as: antique diesel engine restorer; boat builder; inventor. Currently available to execute all your science/humour and ironic writing requirements. Improbable article list here.

Martin Gardiner, Rio de Janeiro Desk Chief
Rio de Janeiro

email: Martin.G AT improbable.com

Note : Martin is no relation to mathematics and science writer Martin Gardner of Scientific American fame ( so far as is known).