About Magnus Wahlberg

About Magnus Wahlberg

Magnus and a fish
Magnus Wahlberg and a fish

Magnus Wahlberg is Scandinavian Desk Chief of the science humor magazine Annals of Improbable Research.

Magnus has a Ph. D. in bioacoustics from the University of Southern Denmark. Currently he an associate professor of biology at the University. He was formerly chief scientist at Fjord&Baelt in Denmark, specializing in research on marine mammals and outreach activities for school children and other visiting guests of all ages.

In the late 1990s Magnus was appointed by the Royal Swedish Navy to investigate top-secret underwater recordings of the so-called Typical sound which was supposed to be caused by intruding Russian submarines in Swedish waters. The sound turned out to have its origin not in a submarine, but in bubbles release by the anus of herring, the staplefood fish of Scandinavia. Magnus published his findings together with his colleague Haakan Westerberg in 2003, and won the Ig Nobel Prize in Biology in 2004, together with Ben Wilson, Lawrence Dill and Robert Batty.

Magnus Wahlberg, Scandinavian Desk Chief
Associate Professor, Department of Biology, University of Southern Denmark

Telephone +45 22163950
Email: magnus@biology.sdu.dk