About Julia Lunetta

Julia Lunetta
Julia Lunetta, taken at the
2006 Ig Nobel Ceremony

Julia Lunetta is the Improbable Webmaster for the Annals of Improbable Research.

She has been on-stage at the Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony since 1998, and a Minordomo since 1999. She arrived in Massachusetts many years ago for college, and repeatedly failing to escape Boston's non-Euclidean roads, made her home there. She bides her time as a professional geek, a semi-professional actress and musician, and an amateur human.

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Women's Studies from Harvard University, honors in field. Also, further independent study consisting of extensive exposure to pop culture and online memes.

In her nearly non-existent free time, she can be seen/heard performing with groups such as FishNet-NetWorks.Net!, New England Cabaret Theater, Unreliable Narrator, the Harvard University Alumni Jazz Band, The Post-Meridian Radio Players, and Second Shift, among others.