About David Kessler

About David Kessler

David Kessler is General Manager of Improbable Research, Inc. and is the Co-Producer and Stage Manager of the annual Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony.

David Kessler
David Kessler (photo by Cheryl Richards)

David organizes and manages projects, programs, and events for organizations in a variety of fields.  He specializes in analyzing complex systems of people, data, and equipment, and making them intelligible and usable.  He has a knack for finding odd skills and stories - something that gives him great joy and part of how he approaches complexity: Look at a situation from multiple perspectives so you can simultaneously see both forest and trees... So you can see how to help a perfect idea meet a bumpy reality.

He likes making things work.

David has been Program Coordinator for MIT Sloan School of Management; Executive Administrator and Media Liaison of the Center for Millennial Studies at Boston University (CMS);Stage Manager for King Richard's Renaissance Faire; A Communications Manager for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts; and Special Projects Manager for First Night International. He has worked as a Calligrapher, Tai Chi Teacher, Free-Lance Writer and Editor, Event Planner, Whisky Educator, and Sea Chantey Singer.

He is the creator and author of The Child Book of Etiquette and of articles and essays on everything from Millennialism to Sailing to his adventures hiking around Scotland, France, Jordan, Fredonia, and Arlington, MA.

He Studied Philosophy and Medieval Studies at Boston University, and currently lives in Seattle.


David Kessler, General Manager
Seattle, WA
Email: david AT improbable.com