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How to Befriend Crows

Carl Bergstrom wrote a simple, clear guide, explaining how to invite crows into your daily life. It begins:

How to Befriend Crows

Befriending crows is a wonderful thing.

I have many crow friends at home and at work. They bring joy at unexpected moments and can rescue a miserable day even without shaking down the dust of snow that Robert Frost described….

If you live in an urban or suburban area where crows are around it’s not too hard to befriend them. Rural crows are harder but not impossible. First and foremost they like food. Peanuts in the shell are a favorite treat but most anything works; crows are omnivorous. It’s probably not good for them, but they adore cheetos.

The photo [you see here] is not a good shot but the only one I have of my beloved Tatterwing demonstrating next-level peanut technique: five at a time by spearing. No other crow figured this out….


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