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Kitchen Tool for the Ultra-precise Over-cooking Chef

If you do high precision over-cooking — extremely high precision, compared with most cooks — feel free to savor and salivate on the details of this new study about a very new cooking tool. Its use in cooking would apply mainly (or exclusively) to those times when you are cooking dish to the point where the food becomes a hard, hard mass. You will of course want to then test how far a very sharp fork, or tooth, or drill, or whatever, would easily (depending on your definition of “easily”) penetrate the surface. If that’s your need or desire, try this tool. Details are in the study:

Practical method to determine the effective zero-point of indentation depth for continuous stiffness measurement nanoindentation test with Berkovich tip,” Diancheng Geng, Hao Yu, Yasuki Okuno, Sosuke Kondo, and Ryuta Kasada, Scientific Reports, vol. 12, no. 6391, 2022. The study says:

This study proposes a practical method to determine the effective zero‐point of indentation depth, which was obtained linearly at the zero‐point of contact stiffness and extrapolated from the depth‐dependent contact stiffness values, except for those at initially unstable contact depths. The proposed method enables nanoindentation tests to obtain a constant indentation elastic modulus and low deviation of nanoindentation hardness of homogenously fused silica and metallic materials, which provides an efficient way to obtain more accurate test data.

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