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A Face that Is Begging to Be Slapped

Words can be used to describe things. A study published in 2019 presents a striking example:

Transformative resources of the terminological internationalization (on the material of German and English),” Vladimir V. Elkin [pictured here], Elena N. Melnikova, and Anna M. Klyoster, in The International Conference Going Global through Social Sciences and Humanities, Springer, Cham, 2019. pp. 343-356. The authors, at Pyatigorsk State University and Omsk State Technical University, Russia, explain:

“Here are some examples of German compound words belonging to the thematic group Expression of Thoughts, Feelings and Emotions and already, though not quite extensively, used in English context: Abgrundanziehung (The pull of the cliff edge.), Allgemeinbildung (everything that any adult capable of living independently can reasonably be expected to know), Backpfeifengesicht (A face that is begging to be slapped.)”

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