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Sleeping next to the cat wherever the cat chooses to sleep

Yuri Nakahashi, a student at Hosei University, Japan, wrote a thesis about sleeping with a cat night after night in locations chosen by the cat. IT Media News reports that the thesis is called “Creation of new sleep value in search with cats,” and has been or will be published in Information Processing Society of Japan Interaction, this year, 2022.

A translated quote from it: “examines sleeping methods for sleeping next to cats whose beds are constantly changing. We considered how the physical and psychological effects of sleeping together for 24 days with a sleeping bag placed next to the cat were compared with the conventional sleeping style of sleeping on a bed or a futon.” A video accompanies the study:

The Spoon & Tomago blog has further detail and commentary, as does Open Culture.

(Thanks to Virginia Jacobs and Niels Berg Olsen for bringing this to our attention.)

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