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How to pronounce ‘A Drunk Man Looks At A Thistle’

I amna fou’ sae muckle as tired – deid dune.

It’s gey and hard wark coupin’ gless for gless

Wi’ Cruivie and Gilsanquhar and the like,

And I’m no’ juist as bauld as aince I wes.

If you recognize the first stanza from Hugh MacDiarmid’s 1926 poem ‘A Drunk Man Looks At A Thistle’ you may also be interested in learning how to pronounce  ‘A Drunk Man Looks At A Thistle’

If so, consult  where you’ll find examples using various international accents. [Note: Some voices, like the Chinese(Hong Kong) accent, are less than 100% functional, but many do work – may we recommend, for example, the French (France) accent.]

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