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Mauricio-José Schwarz joins Hair Club for Science Journalists (LFFFHCfSJ)

Mauricio-José Schwarz has joined the The Luxuriant Flowing, Former, or Facial Hair Club for Science Journalists™ (LFFFHCfSJ). He says:

I have been writing, promoting and divulging science and critical thinking since 1976, working in major Mexican newspapers, radio and TV. I currently and for the past 17 years write a science page every Saturday for the Spanish newspaper “El Correo”. I also publish two YouTube channels, one on general critical thinking ( and one strictly on science ( I have also written science fiction stories, poetry and three crime novels while also writing songs, playing the guitar and taking photographs, and have taught journalism, creative writing and English. Although a few years back I finally cut my luxuriant flowing hair (first photo), my luxuriant flowing beard makes up for it quite nicely. I also read Steven Pinker with gusto, which may give me additional points.

Mauricio-José Schwarz, LFHCfS
Independent Science Journalist
Gijón, Spain

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