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Honqi “Car Face” design implications [study]

Over the years, a number of scholars have reported on the implications of ‘Car Face’ design. For a recent example, see the work of Xueyuan Zhang, Liqing Huang and Mingzhu Li of the School of Art, Jiangsu University, Zhenjiang, China, who report, in E3S Web of Conferences 236, 02042 (2021) regarding Research on the Shape of Automobile Face Based on Cultural Translation

They take, as one of their examples, the Honqi H9 , about which, they say :

The design of the front face of Hongqi H9 refined the imagery of “Alpine waterfalls, Mainstay” and “Dreams Agitating, Flying with Wings” in the translation of artifacts, and designed the new red flag car logo, straight waterfall grille and U-shaped penetration Car lights; in the process of organizational translation, based on the design philosophy of “Noble, Extreme, Artistic Conception” and family design genes, fully deconstruct the aesthetic sense of form and use the traditional Chinese aesthetics of silver.

The grille design and the penetrating driving lights are harmoniously integrated into the front face shape. On the basis of the two, visual expression and artistic conception are used to make the front face of the car show the “modest gentleman” who is both internal and external, making people look at it at a glance. It will produce an indescribable sense of luxury and solemnity.

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