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Dead Reckoning at a Top Medical Journal

The BMJ, formerly named The British Medical Journal, published this notice today, in which they regretfully bury a recent new policy:

Reversing our decision to charge for placing a BMJ obituary 
February 23, 2021

At the beginning of February, we introduced a new policy to charge a fee for people wishing to place an obituary in The BMJ. The response on social media has been overwhelmingly negative, with comments suggesting that both the idea and the timing were ill judged. We have listened to readers and we will not now be introducing the fee. No contributors have been charged. We recognise and apologise for the upset this episode has caused.

One of only two bits of advice from my predecessor-but-one, Steven Lock, who edited The BMJ between 1975 and 1991, was “Don’t mess with the obituaries.” …

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