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Using Hot Coffee to Dislodge Meat in the Throat

If someone has a hunk of meat stuck in their throat, should you advise them to drink a mouthful of hot coffee to dislodge the meat? This study suggests an answer to that question.

Esophageal Hematoma Associated with the Bolus Ingestion of Hot Coffee,” Yorinari Ochiai, Daisuke Kikuchi, and Shu Hoteya, Internal Medicine, epub 2020. The authors, at Toranomon Hospital, Japan, report:

“A 59-year old woman presented with pharyngeal discomfort and dysphagia starting the previous day. Esophagogastroduodenoscopy revealed a longitudinal reddish area and hematoma mainly on the left wall of the esophagus. On the previous day, she had felt a piece of meat sticking in her throat while eating; she therefore rapidly gulped down some hot coffee to hasten the passage of the meat. Based on the history, we diagnosed her endoscopic findings as esophageal hematoma and thermal injury associated with hot coffee.”

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