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Innovative Scientists Talk About Their Childhood (10): David Hu and the inside of a dead deer

Here’s David Hu talking about seeing the inside of a dead deer—an experience that, when he was a child, excited David in a way that led to his eventual unusual career. David uses math and physics—and experiments—to try to understand some of the seemingly simply, scientifically mystifying things that happen in nature every day.

ABOUT THIS LITTLE VIDEO SERIES—This is part of a series of sessions we (David Hu and I, and a film crew) recorded at Georgia Tech. We assembled a little group of scientists (including David) who are renowned for looking at questions others might overlook, and doing research in inventive, clever ways.

The question we asked them: “What happened when you were a kid that somehow led—much later—to your doing unusual science?

The scientists: David Hu, Suzana Herculano-Houzel, Frans de Waal, Nicole Sharp, Diego Golombek, and Olga Shishkov. Follow the links on their names to begin exploring some of their work!

A NOTE ABOUT THIS VIDEO: The first time David tried telling this story, the videographer—who had certain ideas about what is proper and what is not—stopped the filming, and told us that this topic was not suitable for audiences. We told the videographer to please resume filming. (That same videographer later chose to add the goopy music that overlays this entire video.)

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