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The case of toilet management in a French academic library

A look at how a library manages to manage the facilities that help library users manage their bowels will likely enliven the 5th annual international User Experience in Libraries conference, or UXLibsV. The conference will take place at Royal Holloway [pictured below], University of London, on 17-19 June 2019. The session to be sure to visit is:

NATHALIE CLOT [pictured here]
University of Angers, FRANCE
Paper: An accidental UX project: the case of toilet management in a French academic library
Abstract: This is the story of how, by observing, interviewing, surveying and using, we improved the user experience of the toilets in an academic library in France between 2010 and 2019. Through exploration of a seemingly trivial problem, using simple UX methods with valuable results, the toilet case study helped us to learn how to articulate and conduct UX methods and to iterate upon their design until we arrived at the best experience for our users.

(Thanks to Adrian Smith for bringing this to our attention.)

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