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Patience and Patience: Perspective on Plagiarism

Plagiarism keeps happening, despite teachers’ patient attempts to teach students that plagiarism is bad. Here is a doubly-Patience explanation:

Plagiarism,” Gregory S. Patience [seen here], Daria C. Boffito, and Paul A. Patience, chapter 9 in Communicate Science Papers, Presentations, and Posters Effectively 2015, Academic Press, pp. 203-211.

The authors, at Polytechnique Montréal, write:

“Failing to properly attribute authorship of copied text, images, or ideas is plagiarism. Changing a few words from the copy-pasted text is still plagiarism. The severity of the consequences of plagiarism increases with the level of responsibility of the plagiarist: teachers give high school students a zero in an assignment or exam; professors can fail undergraduate students taking their course or the institute can suspend them for 1 year or more. Plagiarism is intellectual fraud.”

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