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Kate and David love hydration

Julia loves raspberries” and “Lynne loves ketchup” were the first in our series of celebrations of solicitation bots. We receive many varieties of an all-too-frequent kind of “hey editor” solicitation. Here’s another from the growing collection:

Hi There,

I hope everything is going well on your end :)

I am Kate, and I’m on the content team at [REDACTED].
I was checking out some of your articles at today and found pretty good stuff you have written about health tips. I absolutely love that resource and definitely going to share few articles of yours on my social media channel as well.

My colleague David recently put together a pretty comprehensive piece on “15 Foods That Help You Stay Hydrated”. There is a ton of information out there on health. Our infographic was designed to cut through the noise a bit. You can check this out at [REDACTED].

It’s an up to date and comprehensive information on the above topic I believe (also appreciate your valuable feedback on the topic). You may can consider adding the infographic to your blog (I can also write a short intro to go along with it if you’d like?).

I believe it can be a good fit at

Thanks for your time and I’ll see you around!




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