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Who Might You Meet at the Ig? London’s Pioneering Theatrical Electrician

If you come to the Ig Nobel Prize ceremony, you might enjoy chatting with your neighbors, in the audience. Many have done amazing things. In this video, Ann Crighton-Harris tells how she became the first woman to be a professional electrician in London’s theaters.

Perhaps you sat near Ann Crighton-Harris in the audience at the 2011 Ig Nobel Prize ceremony. That year her husband, John Senders, was up on stage, being awarded an Ig Nobel Prize for Public Safety, for conducting a series of safety experiments in which a person drives an automobile on a major highway while a visor repeatedly flaps down over his face, blinding him. Here’s video of John Senders doing that driving research:

Who’s next?

Who might you meet at this year’s Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony? Come and see. TICKETS go on sale Tuesday, July 10, at noon (Boston time), available exclusively from the Harvard Box Office.

Whoever you meet at the Ig also has a rare opportunity. They get to meet you!

(Thanks to Margo Howard for bringing this wonderful Ann Crighton-Harris video to our attention.)

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