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Recent progress in Kung Fu Panda studies

In 2008, the launch of the Kung Fu Panda© film series kicked off a series of opportunities for in-depth academic study across the globe. Here is a (non-exhaustive) list of progress in Kung Fu Panda studies over the last ten years or so :

• Kung Fu Panda: Animated Animal Bodies as Layered Sites of (Trans)National Identities The Velvet Light Trap, issue 69.

• Highlights for the Construction of a Didactic Discourse Focused on the Learning Subject in “Kung Fu Panda” Animation Studies and Current Trends in Science of Education, pp 121-130.

• Translation Methods Used in Writing Indonesian Subtitles of “Kung Fu Panda Holiday” Nurmallah, Vol 2, No 2.

• The Analysis on the Chineseness of Kung Fu Panda Journal of Qinghai Nationalities University (Education Science Edition), 2010-01.

• The Gene Culture Applied in the Animated Cartoons in “Kung-fu Panda” Art & Design 2008-08

• Procedural Fracturing and Debris Generation for Kung-Fu Panda SIGGRAPH 2008, Los Angeles, California.

• Adoption, Cynical Detachment, and New Age Beliefs in Juno and Kung Fu Panda Comparative Literature and Culture, 2017

• The Western Gaze in Animation: A Case Study of Kung Fu Panda Journal of Content, Community & Communication (Amity School of Communication) Vol. 6 Year 3, June – 2017.

• A Study on the Modification of Characters` Role and Desire in Series Animation : focusing on the case of Kung Fu Panda Series Animation Cartoon and Animation Studies, 2016, pp 77-102.

• Kung-Fu Panda Philosophy – The Solution For Diminishing Competitive Pressure in Children Proceedings book of 16th European conference of sport psychology: Sport and exercise psycholgy [sic] : Human performance, well being and health.

• Kung Fu Panda, Go Home!  The China Beat, July 2008.

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