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Medical uses for paperclips

Paperclips are widely acknowledged to be excellent devices for temporarily fastening together sheets of paper, but it should also be noted that the imagination of medical practitioners has, over the years, generated quite a number of alternative and original uses for them. Here are but a few examples:

📎 Paper Clip Localization: Easy Technique for Verification of Portal Placement for Endoscopic Plantar Fasciotomy Procedures

📎 Surgical Pearl: Evacuation of milia with a paper clip

📎 A calibrated paper clip is a reliable measure of two-point discrimination

📎 Paper clip microretractor

📎 Surgical pearl: versatile paper clip comedo extractor for acne surgery

📎 Paper-clip technique for upper eyelid skin crease assessment

📎 Use of the paper clip as a hemostatic restraint in experimental end-to-side microvascular anastomosis, and lastly :

📎 The paper clip nasal dilator [from which the photo above is taken]

Readers are encouraged to report (by commenting below) any further medical uses which have come to their attention.


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