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“Mind the [wildcard] gap” — in academic paper titles

If you’ve ever used The Tube (the underground railway system) in London, there’s a very good chance you’ll know about this announcement :

What’s perhaps less well known is the wealth (perhaps even the plethora) of academic papers which have taken advantage of the phrase in their titles. Here are but a few examples :

• Mind the Semantic Gap

• Mind the gender gap

• Mind the (Intelligibility) Gap

• Mind the (Computational) Gap

• Mind the implementation gap?

• Mind the (Love) Gap:

• Mind the Gender Gap in Farmers’ Preferences for Weather-Index Insurance

• Mind the (yield) gap(s)

• Mind the gap: or why humans aren’t just great apes

Also see: “It’s [wildcard] Jim, but not as we know it” — The Firm’s lyrics in academic paper titles

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