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Dr. Nakamats’s new invention: Extra-functional eyeglasses

Dr. Nakamats, the world’s most prolific (more than 3500 patents) inventor, and winner of the 2005 Ig Nobel Prize for nutrition, had just obtained yet another patent. His Extra-functional eyeglasses function as traditional eyeglasses do, and also perform extra services for the person wearing them. The invention exists in several different flavors:

Here are some technical drawings from the patent document:

Here is the inventor modeling his Silent-communication glasses:

And here is the inventor, modeling his Night-walking glasses:

VIDEO: Dr. Nakamats sent us action video of him modeling the various forms of the invention. You can watch it on the Improbable Research Facebook page:

Ps. Dr. Nakamats informs us that he is “still not dead”. [For background on that see the report called “Dr. Nakamats, Continued!“]

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