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Strawberry scrotum, the doctors’ delight

Doctors are, sometimes, fascinated by scrotums and by strawberries. Studying scrotal symmetry – or its lack – yielded an Ig Nobel prize in 2002. As discussed on this blog previously, the Strawberrystrawberry is used extensively as an analogy in medical practice. The scrotum and strawberry have a lot in common, for example, their distinctive skins.

The scrotum is essentially a bag that holds the testes away from the body to keep them cool so that sperm can form properly. There is a rare condition that isn’t life threatening of the skin’s scrotum where it looks like a strawberry’s skin. Unsurprisingly it is named Strawberry scrotum. Here is how it develops.

BONUS: Other genital entities related to the strawberry in the scientific medical literature.

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