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Chinese nuclear-reactor-and-flying-saucer invention

It is possible to build a combination nuclear reactor and flying saucer, in the view of inventor Jiubin Chen, who filed this patent application, in the year 2008:

Nuclear reactor and flying saucer manufactured thereby,”
Chinese patent application 101162005 (A), 2008-04-16.
Inventor(s): JIUBIN CHEN.

“The invention relates to a nuclear reactor and a flying disk manufactured with the nuclear reactor. Jet devices of the nuclear reactor are distributed on a flywheel and communicated with an air inlet, a fuel pipe is arranged corresponding to the air inlet, combustion chambers are arranged in the jet devices, the center of the flywheel is provide with a flywheel shaft. The nuclear reactor is realized and the nuclear reacting is utilized at the same time, therefore nuclear fusion reaction is realized; new elements and new materials are created, energy and resource problems are solved; and the equipment is simple. The flying disk provided with the nuclear reactor can achieve vertical take-off and landing, has low cost, high speed and super velocity of light; meanwhile, the flying disk can dive into the sea, displacing submarines.”

The patent application includes this, solitary, technical drawing:

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