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New uses for old CDs (part 2)

Got old CDs? Looking for uses for them? Have you thought about immobilizing biomolecules in their microgrooves?CD-use-02-Chem

“Old compact discs (CDs) have been found to be useful for modern chemical research. Their metal reflective film is suitable for the preparation of high-quality self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) and for electrochemical analysis; pre-grooved polycarbonate base is ideal for the ‘customized’ fabrication of material micro/nanostructures; and the immobilization of biomolecules on CDs, in conjunction with a conventional CD drive, promises to be an inexpensive tool for point-of-care biomedical diagnosis and gene analysis.”

$ee: ‘New chemistry on old CDs’ in Chem. Commun., 2004, 2633-2636

Also see: ‘The 2004 Fred Beamish Award Lecture : Analytical – materials chemistry on old CDs :Beyond self-assembly’

Coming soon: New uses for old CDs (part 3)

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