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Sheep are a fluid (as will be explained tonight in Washington)

Nicole Sharp explains, in FYFD, how sheep are, more or less, a fluid:

Not all fluids are, well, fluid. Traffic, flocks of birds, ants, and even sheep can behave like fluids. This video shows an aerial perspective on sheep being herded, and despite the four-legged nature of these particles, they have a lot of fluid-like characteristics.

This video shows the flow:

Tonight’s show: Nicole Sharp will be one of the stars of the Improbable Research show, tonight, Saturday, February 13, at the AAAS Annual Meeting, in Washington, DC.

The Show begins at 8 pm, in the Diplomat Room of the Omni Shoreham Hotel. You will also meet two Ig Nobel Prize winners, and be exposed to: the discovery that most mammals urinate in (on average) 21 seconds; an algorithm that predicts who will win the 2016 US presidential election; a one-minute History of the Universe; research on why people watch cat videos; and the partial unboiling of an egg.

Tonight’s event is open, free, to the public. Spread the word, please!

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