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Cow Catalyser Combats Climate Change (new patent)


Although hydrocarbon-burning factories and power stations belching CO2 might be first spring to mind when considering greenhouse-gas emissions, some say another kind of belching, from cows, causes even more damage. A newly patented (1st Dec. 2015) invention from Caldeira et al., entitled ‘Treatment of ruminant exhalations’ suggest that cows’ methane-loaded exhalations might be mitigated if the animals were to be fitted with a pair of catalytic-converters (one in each nostril). The electronically controlled methane oxidiser can use metallic catalysts in a similar way to those currently fitted to vehicles. And the patent suggests that the invention may also be applicable to other ruminants, such as sheep and goats.

Note: For those interested in following the history of bovine nostril-based methane treatment patents, here’s an earlier one.

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