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Using an MRI scanner as a guitar amp and speakers

Dr Donald McRobbie, who is director and head of magnetic resonance physics at the Radiological Sciences Unit of Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, UK, is one of the few, perhaps the only, researcher(s) to have plugged an electric guitar into an MRI scanner and used the scanner as amp and speakers. Improbable has been unable to obtain further information regarding the technical methodology of the procedure, nevertheless, here are details from his website:

“Most bizarre thing done with a guitar: I am the only person to plug a guitar into an MRI scanner and use the scanner as amp and speakers. I performed the scanner song ‘Shimming’ at a scientific conference in the Honolulu Convention Centre.

(Click here to listen) May take a bit of time to load (its just over 1mb) but worth hearing.”

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Safety note:  Don’t try this at home (if you have an MRI scanner at home) without first obtaining safety advice from an expert.


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