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A look back at the 20th Dead Duck Day

DDD20 logo DEF DIt took some time to write-up the things that happened at the 20th edition of Dead Duck Day — commemorating the first scientifically documented case of homosexual necrophilia in the mallard duckHere it is, laced with photographs:

On June 5th, 2015, the 20th Dead Duck Day attracted a crowd of about 50 people. They gathered at the spot where it all began, right below the all glass facade of the Natural History Museum Rotterdam. At exactly 17:55h Kees Moeliker, in company of the stuffed duck (NMR 9989-00232), welcomed everybody … [Read the entire write-up here]

The 21st Dead Duck Day will be on Sunday, June 5th 2016, and – as usual – will include a meal.

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