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Women who are captured by love, sort of

Comes a further investigation into the ways of love:

Characteristics and Personality Styles of Women Who Seek Incarcerated Men as Romantic Partners: Survey Results and Directions for Future Research, ” Marcela Slavikova and Nancy Ryba Panza [pictured below], Deviant Research, Volume 35, Issue 11, 2014, pages 885-90. The authors, at CUNY, New York, and California State University, Fullerton, explain:

“Results are presented from a survey of 89 women who sought and entered into a relationship with a man who was incarcerated…. Results from the Jesness Inventory-Revised, a measure of personality functioning, revealed two predominant personality subtypes among the women: the Manipulator/Pragmatist (31%) and the Neurotic, Anxious/Introspective (25%).”

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