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‘Culinary terms are used to describe genitals colloquially’

A quartet from Washington and San Francisco writes, in the American Journal of Medicine:

“Although culinary terms are used to describe genitals colloquially, medical terminology has avoided such comparisons.”

Dr Nicholas Mark and his colleagues survey the medical literature on diagnostic clues in urine, stool, sputum, etc. that — in at least some respect — resemble drink and food. They mostly avoid colloquial descriptions, but a list from Stanford University does include hot dog, cucumber and sausage as recognized terms for the penis.

Hotdog – from Wikimedia Commons

Here is the abstract:

“Physicians use food to describe the body: Analogies add flavor, provide a lingua franca for description, and offer a mnemonic. Presenting medicine in food descriptors makes a boundless field easier to digest. We present a selection of food terms pertaining to physical diagnosis.”

It was only going to be a matter of time, since our last installment of food-related medical terms, before we offered this next serving of food-related medical terms.

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