Web Cleaner Mote Knife Gauge / Neps & Trash

A neps and trash indicator

It’s been a while since we featured a study about neps and trash. Here’s one:

Effect of Web Cleaner Mote Knife Gauge on Neps and Trash“, Yu Xuezhi Sun Pengzi. Cotton Textile Technology, February 2008. The authors, at Liaoning Liaodong University, China, explain:

“To study the effect of web cleaner mote knife gauge on removing neps and trash in card sliver, USTER AFIS single fibre tester was adopted, neps and trash in card sliver that was produced in condition of two kinds of suction form,two kinds of air capacity and three kinds of mote knife gauge were tested.The result shows that when using unilateral suction and mote knife gauge is 0.53 mm, the effect of removing neps and trash is better.”