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Cleanliness at the gym leads to dirty doings, they say

Dire doings at the gym, after cleansing. Ditto at the religious bath. So says this study:

Being Clean and Acting Dirty: The Paradoxical Effect of Self-Cleansing,” Thalma E. Lobel [pictured here], Allon Cohen, Lior Kalay Shahin, Shimon Malov, Yaniv Golan and Shani Busnach, Ethics and Behavior, epub June 27, 2014. (Thanks to Neil Martin for bringing this to our attention.) The authors, at Tel-Aviv University, Israel, explain:

“In two studies we investigated the association between physical cleansing and moral and immoral behavior in real-life situations. In Study 1, after a workout at the gym, participants cheated more after taking a shower than before taking one. In the second study participants donated more money to charity before rather than after they bathed for religious purification.”

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