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Chemistry perfume PR innovation: In the future, “better” means “more”

Under a new interpretation — call it, perhaps, “The Belfast Interpretation” — more means better.

To see how this works, read a publicity release issued by Queen’s University Belfast with the headline “Queen’s scientists develop first perfume which smells better the more you sweat“:

Researchers in the Queen’s University Ionic Liquid Laboratories (QUILL) Research Centre have developed a unique new perfume delivery system which releases more of its aroma when it comes into contact with moisture, meaning a person smells nicer when their sweat levels increase.

The laboratory, QUILL, features atop its web site the proud slogan “Rewriting the Future of Chemistry“:

The new interpretation of “more” is being adopted widely, as news reporting about science becomes better and better.

BONUS (unrelated): Another, different science interpretation named after a city: the Copenhagen Interpretation.


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