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Announcing the Ig Nobel free-tickets-to-the-2015-ceremony winner

Earlier this year we announced that people who purchased a subscription to the Annals of Improbable Research between Sept 18 and Sept 30 would be entered in a drawing for 2 free tickets to next year’s (2015) Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony.

To ensure a fair drawing, we separated the duties of numbering the eligible entries and choosing a number to compare to that list.

We’re happy to announce the winner: Dan Muir of Williamston, Michigan. He writes:

“I am thrilled that I have finally won an award commensurate with my contributions to science! I heard of you through media coverage of the ig nobel prize over the last few years, and finally got around to looking at your website. At that point I was hooked. To have received such a prestigious award is simply icing on the cake.”

Dan has won 2 free tickets to the 2015 Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony.

The 2015 ceremony will be the 25th First Annual ceremony. We hope to announce the exact date soon.

Thanks to all who entered!

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