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Trouser (pants) creases – a metrological examination

If you’re one those people who wonders about accurate trouser-crease measurement in woolen trousers (pants), you should perhaps turn to the Textile Research Journal, March 1966 36: pp. 264-272, where R.C. Landwehr (of the Western Regional Research Lab, Albany, California)
presented an apparatus and procedures to reliably measure wool creases. The ratio of maximum crease height to crease width at half height level was proposed as an objective measure of crease sharpness. See: ‘The Measurement of Wool Trouser Creases

“We have presented evidence to show that the subjective evaluation of creases is directly related to their objective measurements of, maximum height and sharpness, that sharpness is proportional to height, that height varies more in percent than sharpness and that height, therefore, should generally be a sensitive index of overall creases quality.“

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