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The doc who gave out while giving sperm

“Details, please!” is the hope and plea of medical professionals everywhere, about a train of medical events reported to have happened in Wuhan, China. The hope is that the attending physicians involved in the case will publish a formal case report in a good-quality medical journal. The case, thus far, has been told only in the general press. The possibility exists that some details have been exaggerated, others neglected. Here is part of a September 11, 2014 article in Want China Times:

A court has rejected the appeal brought by the family of a doctoral student who died suddenly in 2011 while donating sperm, reports the Wuhan-based Changjiang Daily.

The man, surnamed Zheng, was an attending physician of his university’s (unspecified) affiliate hospital in the central China city. He took a master’s degree in surgery from 2008 and went on to study at the same school for his doctoral degree in 2010. Zheng agreed to help with the trial operations of the university’s sperm bank before its official opening….

He donated sperm four times over a period of eleven days. When he donated for the fifth time on Feb. 12, he did not emerge from the donation room. When staff entered the room after almost two hours, they found Zheng lying unconscious on the ground. Paramedics were unable to resuscitate him and pronounced him dead at the scene….

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