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The Ig Nobel Cookbook, volume 1

Inspired by the theme — FOOD — of this year’s Ig Nobel Prize ceremony, we have assembled a new book. It’s available now at the Harvard Bookstore, and on, and soon in other good places. Here, below, is the table of contents:

The Ig® Nobel Cookbook

Volume 1

Corky White, Gus Rancatore, and Marc Abrahams
illustrations by Marian Parry

Delicious and other recipes invented, inherited, devised, and/or improvised by
winners of the Ig Nobel Prize
• Nobel laureates
• and organizers of the Ig Nobel Ceremony



Foreword (and Whodunnit) by Marc Abrahams
Introduction by Corky White and Gus Rancatore


Igduck, Fried in Butter by Kees Moeliker, Ig Nobel Prize winner

Delicious Cake with Cream from Contented, Named Cows by Catherine Douglas, Ig Nobel Prize winner

A Bladder-Filling Drink by Peter J. Snyder and Paul Maruff, Ig Nobel Prize winners

A Treat to Eat When You Rent Liechtenstein by Karl Schwärzler, Ig Nobel Prize winner

Murphy’s Toast by Robert Matthews, Ig Nobel Prize winner

Elemental (Liquid-Nitrogen) Ice Cream by Theodore Gray, Ig Nobel Prize winner

Baked Beans on Toast by Rich Roberts, 1993 Nobel laureate in physiology or medicine

No-Brainer Salmon by Craig Bennett, George L. Wolford II, and Michael Miller, Ig Nobel Prize winners

Romantic, Lovely Torciglione by Donatella Marazziti, Ig Nobel Prize winner

The The The Thé by Glenda Browne, Ig Nobel Prize winner

“Testicles” on Toast by Chris McManus, Ig Nobel Prize winner

Emerald Bread by Shinsuke Imai, Ig Nobel Prize winner

Daniel’s Chocolate Chip Cookies by Daniel Rosenberg, Ig Nobel Prize ceremony performer

CANBESMART Curry by Dr. Yoshiro NakaMats, Ig Nobel Prize winner

Cherry Chocolate Chip Cookies for Mandelbrot by Deborah M. Geisler, Associate Professor, Department of Communication and Journalism, Suffolk University, and wife of Ig Nobel Prize ceremony photographer Mike Benveniste, whose cousin, Jacques Benveniste, was awarded two Ig Nobel Prizes

Breakfast for Diamond Makers by Javier Morales, Ig Nobel Prize winner

Green Pea Soup (Creme Ninon) by Johan Pettersson, Ig Nobel Prize winner

Professor Lipscomb’s Tea by Jean Evans, the merry widow of Professor William Lipscomb, 1976 Nobel laureate in chemistry

A Rollercoaster Martini by Ilja van Beest, Ig Nobel Prize winner

Vivian’s Spaghetti Casserole by Martin Chalfie, 2008 Nobel laureate in chemistry

Fartless Herring by Magnus Wahlberg, Ig Nobel Prize winner


Index by Glenda Browne, Ig Nobel Prize winner

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