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Artificial eyes – a look back

If the history of ocularistry (artificial eye implementation) is of interest to you, may we recommend an article by retired ocularist Clyde W. Andrews, published in the fall 2005 issue of the Journal of Ophthalmic Prosthetics, My Work as an Eyemaker: The First 55 Years :

I have passed on my favorite (Windsor Newton) brush to the younger generation. I have found that it is not easy to retire as an ocularist. I still wonder why someone would wear a black patch out in public, and I cringe when I hear a tasteless or insensitive joke about glass eyes. If they only knew the beauty of our unique profession or the pain and isolation our patients sometimes feel. When I reflect on all of these things that have evolved over time it is no wonder that eyemaking will always be with me.“

More information about the fabrication and the art of hand-painting artificial eyes is available here – and there are more historical notes here. (from which the photo above is taken)


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