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Dr. Bacon’s “‘fatter’ future” feminist theology paper

Those who are interested in a feminist theology of food and fat might be interested in : ‘Expanding Bodies, Expanding God: Feminist Theology in Search of a ‘Fatter’ Future’ ( in : Feminist Theology, May 2013, vol. 21, no. 3, pp. 309-326) by Dr. Hannah Bacon, BA (Liv), PhD (Liv), PG Cert HE (Liv) FHEA, who is a Senior Lecturer and Deputy Head of Department at the Department of Theology and Religious Studies, University of Chester, UK.

For Dr. Bacon, fat can be regarded as a theological issue. The paper not only covers the concept of ‘Alimentary Theology’ :

“I suggest that feminist theology must go in pursuit of what I purposefully call a ‘fatter’ future – one which theologically values rather than demonizes fat and one which refuses to demarcate ‘normative’ bodies.“

but also tackles the idea of, and the implications of :

“The Trinitarian God as a Corpulent and Expansive God.” […] “Because God cannot be without the flesh – without relationship and connection with the material – the Trinitarian God is a very fleshy God. More than this, however, God is also a corpulent, fat God because God extends limitlessly to embrace and include the other in the koinonia – unbreakable com­munion – of the divine life.”

Also see: The work of Professor Lisa Isherwood (University of Winchester, UK) who is cited in the paper and who examines the question : Can fat people get into heaven?

“The gate [to Heaven] is narrow, so if you have large hips, you can’t get in! How could Jesus walk on water if he was overweight?”

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