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Ashes to ashes to fireworks: going out with a bang (new patent)

“It is an object of the present invention to provide a practical and affordable device to disperse cremated remains in a special and honorary manner.”

– explains inventor Wallace N. Brown, of Maricopa, AZ, USA, in a newly issued patent, entitled : Aerial disposal and dispersal of cremated remains going out with a bang. The ‘honorary manner’ features mortar rounds (with accompanying ashes) which can be fired off the back of a flatbed truck.

Upon a loved one’s death, family and friends gather to discuss the departed one’s interests and decide an appropriate area over which to release the remains. A family of an avid fisherman may disperse his remains over his favorite fishing hole or lake. A family may honor a loved one’s love of animals by dispersing their remains over a wildlife preserve. The cremated remains then are appropriately packaged in the biodegradable container and an aerial disposal and dispersal of cremated remains device or a single mortar device is dispatched to the designated location. Family members and loved ones may participate in launching remains and holding an onsite service for the departed member. At an appointed time, the remains are loaded into one or more mortar launchers mounted on the back of a mobile unit, be it a vehicle or other mobile device, and propelled into the sky. When an appropriate altitude is reached, the explosive device is activated and explodes, causing the ashen remains to disintegrate and cover an expansive area with the ash. The loved ones may feel that the spirit of the departed lingers in that area, allowing surviving family and friends to enjoy the comfort of having a part of the loved one physically and figuratively all around them.”

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