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“Exposure to Fast Food Impedes Happiness”

This study is packed with tasty subtleties and interconnectivities:

Too Impatient to Smell the Roses: Exposure to Fast Food Impedes Happiness,” Julian House [pictured below], Sanford E. DeVoe, and Chen-Bo Zhong [who rose to fame with his study about the MacBeth Effect — see yesterday’s blog item about that; he is pictured here, at right], Social Psychological and Personality Science, epub 2013. The authors, at the University of Toronto, explain:

We tested whether exposure to the ultimate symbols of an impatience culture—fast food—undermines people’s ability to experience happiness from savoring pleasurable experiences.

(Thanks to investigator Erwin Kompanje for bringing this to our attention.)

The  authors produced a companion study:

Fast food and financial impatience: A socio-ecological approach,” Sanford E. DeVoe, Julian House, and Chen-Bo Zhong,  Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 105; 2013, pp. 476-494.

BONUS: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford:

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