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Lingua Frankly: A Bevy of Italian Linguists Validate the Female Sexual Function Index

Teamwork pays off in this painstaking linguistic journey through a chunk of medical literature:

The Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI): Linguistic Validation of the Italian Version,” Maria Teresa Filocamo MD1, Maurizio Serati MD2,*, Vincenzo Li Marzi MD3, Elisabetta Costantini MD4, Martina Milanesi MD3, Amelia Pietropaolo MD4, Patrizio Polledro MD1, Barbara Gentile MD5, Serena Maruccia MD6, Samanta Fornia MD7, Irene Lauri MD8, Rosanna Alei MD9, Paola Arcangeli MD10, Maria Chiara Sighinolfi MD11, Francesca Manassero MD12, Elena Andretta MD13, Anna Palazzetti MD14, Elena Bertelli MD15, Giulio Del Popolo MD16, Donata Villari MD3, Journal of Sexual Medicine, epub November 13, 2014. The authors explain:

“the Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI) remains the gold standard for screening and one of the most widely used questionnaires. The Italian translation of the FSFI has been used in several studies conducted in Italy, but a linguistic validation of the Italian version does not exist…. For the first time in the literature, our study has produced a validated and reliable Italian version of the FSFI questionnaire.”

(Thanks to investigator Ivan Oransky for bringing this to our attention.)

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