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The Batman theme, produced from sounds made by bats

Until now, no one had produced the Batman theme by using sounds made by actual bats. Here is that doubly batty theme, played with original instruments (plus a bit of technology):

The non-bat members of the team wrote this description:

Bats produce sounds that are not audible to human ears. First these ultrasounds were digitally reduced to frequencies that are audible. Then the different batsounds were assigned different keys on a keyboard. On this keyboard – the only real Bat-Organ – Ulrich Seidel played the Batman Theme (Neal Hefti, 1966). The video clip was compiled by Sándor Seuntjens using footage from Batman (film, 1966), Batman (animated television series, 1992-95), and National Geographic (

Music arrangement: Ulrich Seidel, Erfurt, Germany.
Video compilation: Sándor Seuntjens, Brussels, Belgium.
Idea: Wolter Seuntjens, Erfurt, Germany

Ulrich Seidel, who arranged this music, has been called “Der Glöckner vom Bartholomäusturm“, which translates into English as “The Hunchback of Bartholomew Tower”.

(Thanks to investigator Wolter Seuntjens for bringing this to our attention.)

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